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About Us

Knowfood offer a unique reference point for information on the most important western food, drink, culinary traditions and others. Our concern is that there was not clear resource for interesting features and practical advice on this subject.

Founder of Knowfood is Chef Lino Montaruli, an Italian Executive Chef living in China from 1995. After many years of experience around China decide to create something that brings more than basic knowledge but also teaches those who would like to learn more about western food, starting from Mediterranean delicacies and some Healthy high-end gourmet food.

Chef Lino was concerned there were no clear resources where people can find interesting knowledge and practical advice on these matters.

A special Thanks go to: Xu Jingfen, Lawrence Sheed, Claire Wang, Montaruli Pasquale {cousin}, Claudia Chen and my wife Diana Xue.

Welcome to my sina blog

When one sits down at table, time is taken to savor each course, to visit with those sharing your meal, and to relax after a busy day.

Healthy Juices

Healthy Juices >>


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Carrot + Ginger + Apple  – Boost and cleanse our system.


Food security = global security

Food security = global security >>

Food security = global security, says Mr. Monti , Italian Prime Minister.

In a keynote address at the International Fund for Agricultural Fund (IFAD) annual meeting, Mario Monti, Prime Minister of the Italian Republic, underscored the relationships between food security, global security and the future of the planet.


Don't sleep too late, liver damage.

Don't sleep too late, liver damage. >>

A reminder to all. Take note…don’t always sleep late!!

Good rest and sound sleep is very important…

if you don’t sleep well.


Guide to Food & Beverage Additives

Guide to Food & Beverage Additives >>

From the Hospital Integrated Research Cancer Institute “Villejuif” of Paris

Hospital specialized in reaserch against the Cancer.


Chewing the Fat

Chewing the Fat >>

So, it turns out there is scientific evidence that we are programmed to crave fat. Hooray! In fact, our own tongues may be to blame. New research suggests the little traitors have receptors designed to recognize the presence of fat.


Fissler Kids Competitions

Fissler Kids Competitions >>

2013 Little Chefs Winners with Fissler Seniors


Children's cooking tutorial

Children's cooking tutorial >>

Chef Lino in Hangzhou site organized a DIY pizza cooking classes for children.