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Grana Padano: highly nutritional food

Grana Padano has unique nutritional characteristics starting with it being highly digestible and rapidly absorbed thanks to its seasoning, as well as the free amino acids that make up 20% of its protein content and stimulate the activity of digestive enzymes; these strong points make it highly suitable for those who require energy quickly.

It is excellent food for children right from the early months of their life and a valuable component in a pregnant woman’s diet; it is, however, also very good for the elderly thanks to the minerals it contains, all of which are valuable for the health of their bones, muscles and cells and for those who have reached their “forties” and want to keep in shape: ideal cheese to eat whatever your state of fitness.  Thanks to its unique traditional characteristics, it conforms perfectly to the needs of a well balanced daily diet.

Grana Padano is rich in high level organic protein similar to that found in milk. One hundred grams of cheese, with 384 calories, contain the protein found in 200g of meat and the nutritional ingredients of one and a half litres of milk.

Moreover, Grana Padano defies the popular concept that cheese contains only saturated fats; actually, fats vary, and not all of them are harmful. Grana Padano contains more than 40% of unsaturated fats, considered the best kind for our body, together with a part of saturated fats; so the average amount of cholesterol in 50 grams of Grana Padano is just 70 milligrams.

Minerals are in abundance in each round. Just think that in 50 grams of Grana Padano there are 600 milligrams of calcium which represents 60% of an adult’s and elderly person’s daily intake, 50% that of an adolescent and 43% of the amount needed for a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding. This is an extremely important substance because it plays a fundamental role in the nervous system, muscular contraction and cell permeability.

Furthermore, it is rich in phosphorus, essential for learning development, iodine, of the utmost importance to the functioning of the thyroids and selenium. It also provides the human body with considerable amounts of copper and zinc, seen as useful for reducing cell aging and for muscle toning and developing. It also provides magnesium, an essential substance for the development of the bone structure and as an essential prosthetic group for the activity of specific enzymes that regulate your metabolism.

Moreover, Grana Padano has eight vitamins: A, B 1, B2, B6, B12, D, PP and E.

Substances found in 100g of Grana Padano (average amounts)

Humidity 32g
Total proteins 33g
Soluble phosphopeptides 1.5g
Total free amino acids 6g
Fats 28g
Linoleic conjugated acids (LCA) 70mg
Sugar (Carbohydrates) none
Calcium 1165mg
Phosphorus 692mg
Calcium / phosphorus ratio 1.7
Sodium chloride 1.6g
Potassium 120mg
Magnesium 63g
Zinc 11mg
Iron 140µg
Copper 500µg
Selenium 12mg
Iodine 35.5mg
Energy value

384 kcal (252 from lipids and 132 from proteins)

1597 kcal (1048 from lipids and 549 from proteins)



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