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Three delicacies to be enjoyed at any time

Grana Padano is the “guest of honour” at any dining room table: in flakes, grated or in bite-sized chunks, on its own or in a vast selection of combinations from hors d’oeuvres to desserts. But is also a choice ingredient both in traditional Italian dishes and in the new creations of the most popular and inventive international chefs.

It is a cheese which can be blended with milk to create simple, tasty dishes. It gives added flavour to pies and other vegetable dishes. It accentuates the taste of hard-wheat pasta recipes and sauces while it also transforms the fresh kinds of pasta  featured in the oldest, most popular regional cuisines into a unique pleasure.

It enhances the natural flavour of meat in cold dishes, but also in veal and beef main courses. It is delicious with fish, in flakes or grated.

Grana Padano is the most popular Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O or D.O.P. in Italian) cheese in the world.  It is available freshly-cut at cheese counters, pre-packed, and now in 3 different stages of maturity.

Aged between 9 to 16 months, GRANA PADANO P.D.O. has a grainy consistency and a pale, creamy colour  and delicate taste. It is  delicious with young, fruity chilled white wines.

With a soft straw-yellow colour, Grana Padano “over 16 months old” (“Oltre 16 mesi” in Italian) has a more significant grainy structure and breaks into flakes when cut. The sweetness in its flavour is less noticeable and its strong, tangy taste is still never overpowering. This cheese calls for a slightly tannic wine, like a red with a fairly intense, lingering flavour, yet still young and fresh.

At the top of the Grana Padano P.D.O. range there is now a new grade, aimed at the most food savvy consumers who are looking for the very best in quality and taste. It is Grana Padano “RISERVA”, aged for at least 20 months, required by the Regulations to meet strict quality standards. Truly superlative, it has a evidently more granular consistency with a clear radial flake structure, a uniform pale yellow, hay-like colour and a fragrant, delicate yet distinctive and fuller taste.

A Grana Padano PDO wheel will receive the extra branding “RISERVA” only after thorough, complete tests on its external appearance, the cheese’s structure, colour, fragrance and flavour.

A real gourmet’s treat,  both grated and served in chunks, Grana Padano “RISERVA” may mature for up to 24 months and more, giving it a more mature look than its younger counterparts as it is darker in colour  and with an increasingly richer, fuller taste though never aggressive; it also reveals aromas of butter and hay, and floral hints of corn.

The wine to accompany Grana PADANO “RISERVA” should emphasize these unique characteristics, but not overwhelm it. Wines that are velvet-smooth, with plenty of tannin and a fairly high alcohol content, and an intense, lingering flavour. The “RISERVA” works very well to round off a meal, particularly when paired with sweet dessert wines (“passito” for example) or served as part of a cheese board with nuts, fruits such as figs or grapes, and chutneys.

The new “RISERVA” brand thus provides new guarantees of quality for the discerning connoisseurs, and who loves the intense but never over-strong flavour for which Grana Padano cheese is justly famous.





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