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How to keep Healthy

Our advice on correct nutrition

To live longer and be healthier you need to follow a few simple rules, suggested by worldwide expertiese, reaserch on the major health authoritise and medical expert.

Here they are:

  • Correct nutrition helps to reduce cardiovascular illnesses by a third (mainly caused by an unbalanced diet), and to prevent 30-40% of tumours.
  • Regular exercise, proportionate to one’s constitution is required both to keep your weight in check and to maintain the heart, muscles and joints in good condition. The main factors to combat are obesity, diabetes, cardiopathy and tumours. There are similar opinion on stated that in western & new developing countries obesity is on the increase, both in children (with a peak at 40%) and in adults (regarding 20-30% of the population).
  • Stop smoking and avoid passive smoking, especially in pregnancy and in the presence of children.
  • Limit your intake of fatty foods and cholesterol, don’t eat too many animal products or sweet foods and restrict oil (preferably extra-virgin) and butter. It’s important to reduce the amount of saturated fats and animal protein , and eat more unsaturated fats and vegetables.
  • Eat plenty of cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruit regularly, nutritious and low in calories and fats but rich in microelements and filling.
  • Limit your intake of simple sugars: fruit and milk should be your main supply.
  • Use a moderate amount of salt.
  • Moderate your alcohol intake. If the level of triglycerides in the blood is too high, wine, beer and spirits should be eliminated from the diet.
  • A varied diet ensures the intake of all the necessary substances and satisfies the palate: eating is, first of all, a pleasure.

Nutrition experts remind us that are what we eat?. So when you think about a diet you should take into consideration the age, sex, ideal weight and amount of physical exercise of a person . The calories required daily for a sedentary adult man or woman are respectively 2,200 and 1,800.

Everyone should organise their meals based on the ideal percentage for each type of food: carbohydrates should provide 52-62% of the daily requirement of energy, fats not more than 30% and proteins between 10 and 18%. When slimming only the fats should be limited, reduced to below 25% with the difference made up by the proteins. Dieticians advise the following for a sedentary adult : at least three portions of vegetables and two fruits (like an apple) per day; an average portion of pasta (or rice or polenta) once a day (70-100g), preferably with a light flavouring. During the week meat and cold meats (100-150g) should not be eaten more than three times, while fish should be eaten at least four times. The other seven main courses of the week should be chosen from pulses, cheese and eggs.

It good habit to substitute whole meals with an all-in-one dish , like pasta with vegetables or vegetable and cereal soup, risotto or even a pizza margherita. The daily intake of bread should not be more than 150-200g. , of milk or yoghurt 250 ml. and not more than three spoons of oil a day should be consumed. Stuffing oneself is allowed but only occasionally and with healthy and natural foods.





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