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A serving of two slices (roughly one ounce) of Prosciutto di Parma® contains

  • about 75 calories
  • 6 grams of protein
  • 6 grams of fat, roughly two-thirds of it the “good” unsaturated kind.

Because Prosciutto di Parma® has almost no carbohydrates, it is a wonderful choice for low-carb dieters. Endurance athletes such as bicycle racers and soccer players, in Italy and elsewhere, use Prosciutto di Parma® as an energy booster because it contains free amino acids, a “quick metabolizing” form of protein. Prosciutto di Parma® is also a good source of many B-vitamins, especially thiamin, and contains 500 milligrams sodium per serving.

A Source Of Energy

It is the free amino acids in Prosciutto di Parma® that provide the “quick energy” needed by mountain climbers, bicycle racers and other athletes. The metabolic process of neoglucogenesis converts amino acids to glucose, the body’s main source of energy. The sodium content helps replace lost electrolytes during endurance activities. And, because Prosciutto di Parma® is a cured meat with a relatively low moisture content, it can be carried on long hikes and climbs without fear of spoilage.

A Highly Digestible Food

Prosciutto di Parma® is valued by Italians as a protein source that is easily digestible. During curing, proteolytic enzymes break down the long protein molecules into smaller molecules called amino acids. The high content of free amino acids is the main reason why Prosciutto di Parma® is so digestible.

Prosciutto di Parma® is nearly always served in very thin slices. It is, therefore, easy to chew and the digestive enzymes can go to work quickly and efficiently to break down the protein for absorption.





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