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Eggs with White Truffle – Tartufo Bianco

Already in Roman times the aphrodisiac properties of truffles were well known. In his famous treatise on cooking, “De re Coquinaria”, Apicius exalts the wondrous effects of the mushroom, and indicates six different ways of using it. With the fall of the empire its magic properties were forgotten and it was only in the 1700 century that the French started to vaunt the miraculous qualities of truffles. The famous gastronome Brillat Savarin (1755-1826) dedicates six whole pages of his “Physiologie du goût” to its erotic properties.

Truffles come in two main families, white and black. The black ones are found in many places with the really famous ones from Perigord in France and from Norcia in Italy. However the king of truffles is the white one. It is found mainly in Piedmont (Italy) and the best known and prized are from the hills around town of Alba.

The fundamental difference however is not in the colour but in the smell, that obviously influences the taste. The black truffle has a pleasant autumnal leafy smell and is usually used cooked. The white one instead has a strong pungent nose with a thousand shades and is used raw, grated very finely on cooked or raw foods. Since it is so rare and costly, one has to choose it well. It must be pale beige, the paler the better. It must be very firm so eliminate any that are even slightly soft to touch.

I suggest this very simple recipe for your tête a tête, but also one of the most exquisite refined ways to appreciate the fullness of this fantastic gift of the earth.

  • 4 eggs
  • butter
  • salt
  • white truffle


First clean the truffle, by brushing it to remove all the earth. Fry the eggs in the oven as described in the Culinary academy and when they are ready serve them with a grating of truffle.

If you should have some leftover it can be preserved by placing it in a glass jar full of rice and closed hermetically. You can then grate a little on an excellent saffron risotto finishing your truffle but enhancing your love story.





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