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Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce

Linguine with Pesto Sauce — Linguine al Pesto

Throughout the ages sailors helped propagate and exchange foods in the Mediterranean area. They brought spices and products from distant lands and news of the different dishes they had tasted.

In Liguria, in the small fishing ports, surrounded by steep cliffs and rocky terrain, when ships were sighted off shore, the women would go up to their vegetable gardens in the terraced mountains and pick the scented basil leaves. They would put the pine kernels – a real gift of nature with aphrodisiac properties – into the mortar with the intensely flavoured garlic and the sweet basil. The perfumes wafting towards the sailors softened their rough and rude ways inviting their curiosity to more gentle fresh sensations.

NB: Pine kernels are famous for their aphrodisiac properties. Galenus in 200 AD recommended the following night cap to his male patients: a glass of honey, 20 almonds and 100 pine kernels. Try it!

Another curiosity: the pine nut with most aphrodisiac power is the type that comes from the PINUS GERARDIANA, a pine tree who grows only in the NW side of the Himalaya mountains at a height between 2000 and 4000 meters.But how comes become a famous Italian sauce?

The Mediterranean area is quite full of pine Trees.

  • 500 g Spaghetti
  • pesto sauce


While cooking the pasta add a little of the hot cooking water to dilute the pesto slightly.

Cook the pasta al dente and strain.





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