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Cooking & Storing

Cooking & Storing

How long will my steaks last?
It last in the freezer for up to one month from purchase date. If -18c you may last 3 months.

Is it Wagyu all natural?
Yes, Wagyu is all natural. They are raised free range for the first 18 months then spend 360 days being fed a Japanese formulation of grains to obtain intense marbling. This entire process is carefully implemented to protect the integrity of the cattle and produce an extremely clean all natural product.

What do I do if my steaks are brown?
Frozen steaks are often a brown color because of a lack of oxygen. Once thawed and removed from the vacuum packaging the steak should return to a nice red color.
How should I thaw my steaks?
The best way to thaw frozen meat is slowly in the refrigerator with the vacuum packaging still intact. Alternatively, if water is used to speed up the thawing process then only cold water should be used. The surface of the meat should not come in contact with the water.
Using a microwave to thaw is not recommended.

Perfectly Cooked Wagyu Steak

240g is an ideal size for a Wagyu steak. Step 1
Wagyu steaks (AAco grade AA5+) such as Sirloin and Ribeye contain 17 to 28% marbling fat. When cooked, this provides for a wonderfully rich and fulfilling experience.
Step 2
Season Wagyu steaks with sea salt prior to cooking.
Spread pinches of sea salt into the hot pan before adding the Wagyu steak. Then sprinkle sea salt on the remaining exposed surface of the steak. The sizzle of sea salt combined with the marbling fat produces a "to die for" caramelized crust that should appear on every perfectly cooked Wagyu steak.

Pan sear and avoid char grilling Wagyu steaks. Step 3
Choose a ceramic, titanium coated non-stick pan with a griddle. The griddle helps to keep the steak above the melted marbling fat in the final stages of cooking and adds signature grill lines for decoration. It also prevents "poaching" the Wagyu. When outdoors, the best alternative is to use a topnotch Exlan coated stainless steel BBQ plate.
Step 4
Marbling fat is the only oil that should be used.
Wagyu steak has it own marbling coating. Adding butter or oil to the pan introduces flavors that can mask or conflict with the delicate taste of Wagyu steak.

Cook steak to medium. Avoid under cooking. Step 6
Heat should penetrate through all marbling seams of the Wagyu steak for it to reach the optimum flavor point. It is best to have the pan heated to high before adding the steak. Sear both sides for 2 minutes each, and then reduce heat to the pan to medium-low. Allow the steak to finish cooking under this reduced heat for approximately 3 to 5 minutes, turning occasionally. Do not keep to long the heat higher, it may cause more smoking from burning the steak fat.
Step 5
Serve Wagyu steaks on pre-warmed plates.
The perfect Wagyu steak should be served straight from the pan onto a pre-warmed plate. Keeping the steak warm ensures the taste from the marbling fat remains at its peak flavor point.
Tip: to warm up , can use to pass the plate under Hot tape water or in microwave for 1 minutes with some water on it.
Serve with an healthy mix vegetables salad toss with Extra virgin olive oil, Balsamic Vinegar and a pinch of sea salt.
Buon Appetito! Enjoy it!





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