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Wagyu Beef History

Wagyu cattle were first introduced into Japan in the 2nd century to provide power for the cultivation of rice. Because of the rugged terrain, migration was slow and restricted. Cattle tended to be isolated in small areas and each area had essentially a closed population.

Closed by Order of the Shogun

From 1635 to 1868, the cowherd in Japan was officially closed by mandate of the Shogun. Except for a short period during the Meiji Restoration in the late 1800’s, the national herd has remained closed to this day.

Geographic Isolation Results in the World’s Most Sought After Beef

Japan’s rugged terrain created isolated pockets in which different breeding and feeding techniques were used. This resulted in distinctly different characteristics, which over the years, led to cattle from the Kobe region, as well as all regions throughout Japan, becoming a standard for the world in terms of flavor and tenderness. Since then, two decades of research and development have resulted in an eating experience unequaled by any domestically produced beef today. Every bite bespeaks a quality that until now was unavailable in this country at an affordable price.

Wagyu Cattle were eventually moved to new regions outside the tiny country.

Because of its close proximity to Japan and Japan’s very little available geographical areas to raise larger herds of Wagyu cattle, Australia became a country of interest to the Japanese beef companies. However, severe droughts that ravaged the cattle feeding areas of Australia affected the available grains and grasses; eventually, the quality of the Australian Wagyu beef became known to the Japanese traders as the third best in the world. The top was of course the Japanese Wagyu beef. The Wagyu beef from America was considered second in quality. Japan actually listed three different prices from auctions on Wagyu beef:

#1 Japanese, #2 American, and #3 Australian Wagyu beef. Because of these perceived values, Australia eventually became used more as a backgrounder than a finisher of Wagyu beef.

Wagyu breeding cattle that go to America in the nineties were actually pought to the United States to create an easier access to sell semen to Australia because of some trade issues and high tariff problems that the two countries were negotiating at the time. It soon became evident that because of the abundance of high energy feedstuffs, grasses rich in protein, and economical prices, Japan was ready to purchase Wagyu beef raised and packed in Australia and USA, and to put the beef into their vast retail markets.


This famous beef traditionally comes from the Wagyu cattle .Wagyu is a combination of two Japanese’s words’ Wa ‘is the old term used for Japan and’ gyu’ means beef. So this sure is the correct name for this beef.

There are four known breeds of Japanese cattle that produce this beef. The breed of black cattle is said to produce beef with a high degree of marbling of fat. And this is the reason that this breed of cattle is on the increase in Japan.

In order to protect the Japanese beef Industry the government has imposed laws against any living Japanese Wagyu cattle. But later on four Wagyu cattle’s male and female were imported to US and from their onwards they started breeding these cattle.  

Today most of the Kobe Beef is bred and produced from California and Australia. In California it is bred in the land that is that is less expensive and the cattle is bred and fed according to the instruction and the supervision of Kobe beef. But when the cattle are ready to slaughter and are fully bred it is sent back to Japan for the final breeding and feeding and then it is slaughtered in Japan. Most of those remain in the country to support the Japanese market and is famous throughout the world for its superb quality and taste. People love to eat the Kobe Steaks cooked in the traditional way that the Japanese used to eat.

Instead Australia is back finishing very large herds of Wagyu crossbred cattle that grade somewhere around the 3, 4, and 5 levels on the Japanese Marbling System, as well as smaller full blood herds that grade out much higher. The weather there is still an issue when finishing these cattle.

The Healthy Factor

Do you love to eat beef and especially steaks? Then you sure are in for a treat when you eat and enjoy the best steaks of the world which is unique in taste and flavor and plus gives you many health benefits. These are the best Japanese beef and their Wagyu Steaks are really something special.

Wagyu cattle produce high quality meat which has a fine texture and it has become registered trademark. Now people are opting to eat more of this delicious and beneficial meat. The latest research shows that eating this lean meat has many positive effects on human health and it also reduces that chances of various disease and problems that can be life threatening.

The grading system is of three categories and they are: select, choice, and prime.

Prime is the highest graded quality and Wagyu beef comes into this high category because of its beneficial effects on human health. Japanese grading system works and grades products in terms of texture of meat, Color Of Fat and meat color from scores from 1 to 12.And at times the Japanese and the American grading system is combined to maintain the concise grading grade and quality of meat. The Japanese consider the amount of marbled muscle in the rib eye muscle and also the leveled fat in the entire carcass. It sure is good for the heart and provides the required energy to carry out their routine work. Japan’s highest graded beef has a carcass of about 20 to 25 percent.

The intense marbling quality of the beef surely improves the eating quality and the flavor of the beef. And as the meat is very tender it allows be cutting in different styles and cooking accordingly. The meat is designed to meet the qualities and the taste beyond measure and it contains all the right ingredient of quality and nutritious vitamins, minerals and proteins.

The intense marbling quality of this quality meat surely improves the flavor and taste of this delicious mouth watering treat. Eating the meat from Wagyu cattle and drinking its milk will give you the quality health that you require for a healthy loving.

This meat contain ingredients that help the immune system of the body and thus protects us from various diseases so that we can live a healthy and immune life .Meat lovers will be happy to hear the news from the latest research that quality fat is required for quality living and the old concept of avoiding fat totally for healthy living is long gone as research indicates that we surely require the standard amount of good fat which will give us the energy and vitality in the years to come.

Wagyu cattle are also bred in California and Australia but for their final peeding and slaughtering and also to maintain the standards they are sent back to Japan to be slaughtered. And then later on packed and produced to different countries.





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